February Deep Cleaning Checklist Keep Your House Extra Clean!

Keep Your House Extra Clean with February’s Deep Cleaning Checklist from Darling Dusters.

It is February and it is time for us to share the February Deep Cleaning Checklist to help you keep your house extra clean.  Keeping up with these Daily and Monthly Checklists will help you stay on track and ensure your home is clean all the time.

A couple of these tasks are a bit of a review from January’s Deep Cleaning Checklist for keeping your house extra clean; and you will definitely notice a theme with reviewing cleaning schedules, purging/donating what isn’t used as well as cleaning tracks in windows and washing window treatments.  The main focus for the February Deep Cleaning Checklist is bathroom areas and linen closets.

I was able to cruise through the February Deep Cleaning Checklist much faster than the January one because only 2 of my 4 bathrooms have windows so there wasn’t as many blinds, window treatments and tracks to clean.  One of the hardest things for me at my previous house was the shower curtains.

shower curtain liner 2

from theprudentpantry.com


from myfrugalhome.com

I was able to find tips on Pinterest and I was able to get both the liners and the pretty outside curtain looking like new.  When I  began writing this post I searched ‘how to clean shower curtain’ and I was shocked at how much more information has appeared in the 2 years since I have had any shower curtains.  I will say, though, I would much rather wash and treat shower curtains than scrub these cheapy ‘glass’ shower doors my rental house has.  I cannot wait to get into my new house (it’s almost done!).

Above I have included great links with a how-to wash/disinfect your shower curtain liners from The Prudent Pantry blog.  And another one for removing rust stains from your shower curtain from My Frugal Home.

Keep your house extra clean with this fantastic February Deep Cleaning Checklist from Darling Dusters.

And the part you have been waiting for.  The February Deep Cleaning Checklist from Darling Dusters…the download file followed by an image.



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