Checklists for Keeping Your Home Clean All Year, Each Day

Celebrate the New Year Holiday with Checklists for Keeping your Home Clean-Each Day-All Year!

The key to keeping a clean home is routine–dull, monotonous routine.  At Darling Dusters we follow checklists and routines.  We do the same thing every day, all day; it doesn’t always look or smell the same but the act is the same and the result is the same.  What this means is that anyone with these checklists for keeping your home clean, who chooses to perform the duties on these checklists in a timely fashion, can have a clean house each and every day all year round.

The key to these lists is to customize them to meet your needs.  If you are employed full time outside the home it may not be realistic for you to clean out the sinks and counters in each bathroom before work each day and that is fine…your house will still be clean if you do *most* of the items!

There are a couple of ways of working these lists.  We have supplied with examples of two ways but feel free to mix it up in any way that suits you.  A deep-cleaning checklist will be posted each month to fill in flex spots and deep cleaning spots and I am 100% positive we will think of things and receive feedback which we will add as well.

You will want the Daily Cleaning Checklist and perform it each day.  The spots for Daily Chore and Deep Clean Chore will be different each day and may change a few times before you find what works for you.  The daily chore checklist can be plugged in to fit your needs.  I like to vacuum more than once a week so I have vacuuming certain high traffic areas of the house on the daily chores checklist on several days but if your home doesn’t require as much vacuuming, feel free to omit it!

dailycleaningchecklist checklists for keeping your home clean   dailychores checklists for keeping your home cleandailycleaningchecklist                                                                          dailychoreschecklistbyroom

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We really hope this doesn’t effect our business…winking-emoticonnegatively, at least…

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