The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house.  Often it is the hub, where most of the family spends most of their time together; and it is where food is prepared, which means it is especially important to ensure it is cleaned and sanitized.  Darling Dusters cleaning service is aware the condition of the kitchen can often influence not just the health of those living in the home but also the mood of the family so we treat the kitchen with the utmost care.  There are many different materials used in building kitchens and it is important we know what yours is made of so we can be sure to use the correct product or method to clean and sanitize.


  • Clean and shine the outside of all appliances.
  • Scrub and sanitize sinks and shine fixtures
  • Clean and shine glass tops, drip pans, burner grates and control knobs
  • Clean and sanitize countertops
  • Hand wipe fronts of cabinets and any furniture (we use an all-purpose cleaner for cabinets and will damp-wipe any wood furniture, if you would like something different used please leave it out for us)
  • Clean microwave inside and out, including turntable
  • Hand wipe backsplash/wall above countertops, stove and sink
  • Dust decor, tops of cabinets and hanging decor

To get the most out of your maid service it is best to ensure the sink, counter tops, tables and any other surfaces to be clear of clutter and objects so we can clean them.  Of course there are things most homes keep out on counters like coffee makers, mixers, containers of utensils, etc., we will move and wipe underneath these items as we clean your kitchen.  If there are a few large items on the top or hanging on the front of your refrigerator we will also wipe these items and the appliance under them but we cannot do this if the surface is covered with a puzzle, a crafting session or a pile of mail or papers, for example.  If you have specific questions about the amount of clutter/decor Darling Dusters is equipped to handle please ask about it during your free in home estimate.

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