Customized Service

Each home, office, lifestyle and client are different.  Darling Dusters cleaning service has customizable options to ensure your space is cleaned to your standard as often as you want it done.  Our general cleaning lists are the foundation of our maid service but sometimes there are extras our clients like us to complete.  The rates for these services depend on the frequency and length of time required to perform the tasks in each unique home.  The prices are variable and can be assessed during your free in-home (or office) estimate.


  • Changing linens (Fresh linens will need to be left on each bed to be changed)
  • Wiping ceiling fans (dusting is performed on each fan at each visit but hand wiping requires a step-ladder a physically capable housekeeper, extra time and supplies)
  • Wiping baseboards (dusting is performed on all baseboards during each visit but hand wiping requires extended time on knees, extra time and supplies)
  • Vacuuming baseboards (we vacuum up against all baseboards as close as the vacuum cleaner will get but using a wand up against them requires a significant amount of time as well as attachments)
  • Hand wiping blinds (dusting blinds is performed during each visit but wiping blinds requires a step ladder, a significant amount of time and extra supplies)
  • Inside oven cleaning (only in conjunction with self cleaning function)
  • Hand wiping decor/knick-knacks (dusting knick knacks on display outside of furniture and cabinets is performed during each visit but wiping requires more time and more supplies and wiping inside a china cabinet or display case is a duty we avoid since accidents do happen and often items inside a hutch or display case are more valuable)
  • Dog walking (we do not offer dog-walking as a stand-alone service but we can add it as a customized service for an additional fee since it takes time away from your house cleaning – if you have a safe outdoor area for your pet and you would like us to let them out during our visit we are happy to do this for no additional charge)

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