about us

cleaningA little bit about Darling Dusters.Jenn DeWitt and Misty Rigdon began a business cleaning homes and offices because they wanted to contribute to their family’s incomes while maintaining control of their own schedules and salaries. Darling Dusters is their way of caring for family…theirs as well as their clients’.

our vision


To serve clients and their families-or businesses

We are passionate about cleaning and becoming an invaluable part of our clients' lives or businesses. Our goal is to always satisfy each client 100% to the best of our ability and to consistently exceed their expectations


Create sanctuaries

The most important part of Darling Dusters' vision is creating sanctuaries where families or co-workers share a harmonious space and feel safe and relaxed. We want to enable each person connected to a home or office we serve to focus on what is most important to them and for each individual to thrive while growing, working, learning and living


Conduct business with integrity

Without integrity we have nothing. We strive for success with openness and respect for others as well as honest work. Our services are straightforward and everyone at Darling Dusters completes each task, however large or small, with the same amount of enthusiasm and focus. We also do not tolerate cutting corners or any performance less than 100% for every task, every client at every visit

Our Leadership

  • Jenn DeWitt

    Jenn grew up in a small town in central Missouri...

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